What to bring

You certainly do not need fancy and expensive sailing clothes to attend a sailing course or trip with Seil Senja. But in order for your experience to be as good as possible, we need to keep you warm and dry. You have the responsibility to consider what you need to pack in your bag, and everything on our list is not an absolute requirement. But remember: It could always be considerably cooler at sea than on land. Please check the weather forecast before packing.

Our skipper really appreciates that you pack your clothes and equipment in a soft bag. Optionally, you can also pack in a bag that has no sharp edges.


  • Wind and waterproof outer jacket and trousers (goretex or similar)
  • Rainwear if your outerwear is not waterproof
  • Thick wool sweaters, fleece or similar
  • Insulation jacket, preferably thin enough to be used under an outer jacket
  • Wool lingerie and warm socks
  • Woolly hat, scarf/buff and gloves or mittens


  • Non-marking shoes (sneakers, trainers or the like), preferably with soles that have good adhesion on wet surfaces.
  • Warm shoes for cold days. Non-slip/non-marking waterproof sailing boots (not agricultural-type wellies) with thick wool socks are also a good option.
  • Sailing boots or other waterproof shoes if rain is reported

Food and drink​

  • A small packed lunch or snack and some drinks are always nice to bring, even on short sailing trips and courses. There will also be some food in the boat for you to enjoy.

Other equipment

  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Caps