Sailing trip to Andenes

Sailing trip from Senja til Andenes in mighty surroundings

  • Season: 30th of March - 30th of October
  • Language: Norwegian and English
  • Days: See calendar or send us a request
  • Meetup: Hamn i Senja by the hotel
  • Time: 10 am – 6 pm
  • Duration: 4 - 10 hours (depends on the weather)
  • Number of participants: 2 – 5 persons
  • Age: 14 years or older
  • Price: From 3.990 NOK (450 USD)

The spread of the coronavirus has made the Norwegian government to extend the duration of the preventive actions from March 24th. According to this, Sail Senja has to cancel all sailing courses and trips in April. We are currently planning new dates for these activities, and they will be announced on our Facebook page. Like the page and keep yourself updated.

For those who would like a longer sailing trip in mighty surroundings, we will arrange full-day trips from Senja to Andenes when the weather conditions allow for it.

On these trips, we will follow the impressive mountain range along Senja´s west side. Then we will cross the Andenes fjord and steer south-west towards Andenes. Here in the open sea, the adventure-minded get to experience the contrasts of feeling small in mighty surroundings. We could even be honoured with a visit from the whales in the open ocean.

Andenes is known for its flat landscape, and the view of the lighthouse rising out of the sea as we get closer to shore can only be described as magical. With your feet back on solid ground you get to explore the small island community and get an up close understanding of Norwegian cultural heritage. Here there are loads of fish, and the local fishing community has been an important industry since the middle ages. You can enjoy a stroll to Andenes lighthouse which will offer you a panoramic view of the island, or learn about the kingdom of the whales and life beneath the sea floor at the whale museum.

From Andenes you get the option to leave the boat and continue your eco friendly journey to Lofoten or Vesterålen by bus, or return to Senja with the ferry to Gryllefjord.