Introduction to sailing

Learn about sailing surrounded by the unique nature in Northern Norway

  • Season: 1st of March - 30th of October
  • Language: Norwegian and English
  • Days: See calendar
  • Meetup: Hamn i Senja
  • Time: 10am and 4pm
  • Duration: 3,5 - 4,5 hours
  • Number of participants: 1 – 4
  • Age: 14 years or older
  • Price: From 1.950 NOK

The spread of the coronavirus has made the Norwegian government to extend the duration of the preventive actions from March 24th. According to this, Sail Senja has to cancel all sailing courses and trips in April. We are currently planning new dates for these activities, and they will be announced on our Facebook page. Like the page and keep yourself updated.

In this course, you will get a fun and exciting introduction to the joy of sailing. You will learn the basics of how the sails and the boat work, and you will try different tasks on board under the guidance of our experienced sailor and instructor.

We will start this course in the sailboat, where the instructor explains along the way as we go through the boat. Then we will talk about safety on board, and you will get an introduction to the equipment needed for a safe and comfortable voyage. After that, the instructor will tell and give a graphic explanation of the theory of the physical principles that make us sail, and you will try the equipment we will use to adjust the sails and steer the boat. Then we set out from the pier and hoist the sails.
This course is organized in a way so you will have as much time possible at sea with practical excercises. Our sailing courses will never have more than 4 participants, giving the instructor plenty of time to follow up on the individual.

This course includes:

  • Walk through of the sailboat
  • Use of security and radio communication equipment
  • Theory about how the sails and the boat work
  • Learning some concepts
  • How to take up and down the sails
  • How to adjust the angle of the sails (trimming)
  • Explanation of the various tasks and roles on board a sailboat
  • Adjust the sails for different wind directions
  • Practical exercise at sea

The sailboat used for this course is a modern and comfortable so-called performance cruiser. Here you can read more about our lovely sailboat Mio.

This course is arranged both on the east side of Senja with attendace at Finnsnes, and on the west side of Senja with attendance at Hamn i Senja.

Do you have any questions about this sailing course? – Contact Seil Senja on telephone +47 977 40 383 or e-mail

A more advanced sailing course will be offered in our two-day course Sailing course for beginners. We recommend you to take a closer look at this course if you want more insight into the theoretical and practical aspects of sailing, navigation and boat handling. On the other hand, if you are most interested in the Northern Norway nature experience, feel free to take a closer look at the sailing trips Sailing on Senja’s Outer side and Sailing trip to Andenes.