About us

Sail Senja offers sailing trips and classes on the coast of Senja in Northern Norway.

Our business has developed through our own enthusiasm and love for sailing and the outdoors as a lifestyle, and through our wish to share this with others.

Micro Business

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Because nature

For small groups

Perfect for small groups and families

On nature's premises

One of the core values of Seil Senja is to offer an experience on nature’s premises. This means that our guests will get the opportunity to get close to, yes almost slide into, unspoiled nature. At the same time it is crucial that we leave no trace which might harm the environment.

The big sea, the wind and mountains, the local communities which have existed for hundreds of years. Everything from the mighty sea eagle to the tiny puffins, are all gifts we handle with respect and great care.

The sail activities

We want our trips both to entail the true experience of sailing, and also the feeling of being joined with the beautiful nature in Senja from a different perspective.

We customize the assignments on board for the person who get on board, and have great faith in the idea that trial and error is the best way to learn. We want you to feel safe so that you will be able to challenge yourself, which will hopefully then give you that extra kick of mastering something new. Everything should in other words be ready for you to soak up an experience which leaves you with new inspiration, whether you came to feel like a viking on an expedition, or if your aim rather was to seek inner calmness and a flow-feeling from sailing and the ocean.

Our skipper

The skipper Øystein has long experience as a sailor, with innumerable nautical miles on his record. He also works as a nature guide and skipper for Hamn i Senja. Øystein will make sure the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed on Seil Senjas trips. At the same time he will always be in full control when it comes to safety issues and the boat´s performance, even when the weather and the wind offers a challenge. Øystein loves the sea, so much that sea water might be running in his veins. His passion for sailing began already as a child through his grandfather´s stories from his life as a sailor in the rough West Ice. Øystein will be happy to share his reflections and philosophies about the great joy of life at the helm.

Book and pay upon arrival

We also offer sailing activities on drop-in requests. This is a great opportunity for you to talk with our skipper, and get to know the sailboat before you decide if sailing is something you want to try. We usually do this at no extra cost. Although, we have to make reservations that the time of the request may not always be suitable for our skipper.

Mio, our pride

Mio – a Jeanneau Sun Fast 35, is the boat which will carry us safely to sea on the trips with Seil Senja. This type of boat is unique in the sense that it has the homely and comfortable qualities of a cruiser, but still it has the technical sailing characteristics of a regatta sailboat. The boat is equipped with all necessary safety equipment, and off course we have the necessary certificates demanded by the official authorities (“Sjøfartsdirektoratet”) for this sort of business.

You can find us here

We are located on the idyllic west side of Senja in Northern Norway. Our boat is docked by the pier in Hamn i Senja. Hamn is a perfect starting point for a varied and active holiday in scenic surroundings. Over the last years, randonee skiing/alpine touring has been a popular activity to combine with sailing. Here in Senja, the peaks are multiple and for all levels of ambition.

How to get here

If you are travelling a long distance to get here, the most common travel route is by air to Tromsø, and from there the boat express to Finnsnes on the east side of Senja. From Finnsnes you can either take the bus to Hamn i Senja, or book a transport from Hamn i Senja to pick you up at Finnsnes. Another possibility is to take a flight to Bardufoss, and from there a corresponding bus to Finnsnes. At Bardufoss it is also possible to rent a car if you want to make the journey as easy as possible.


There are many different price ranges and standards for accommodation at Senja. The most natural choice for you when you want to go on a sailing trip or course with us, is to stay at the Hotel Hamn i Senja. Here you will find our sailboat right outside your bedroom window. For other options, we recommend that you search the AirBnB for available rooms and apartments for the time period you will stay here.